Downhole Tools

Kuredux® PGA ball

Key Features and Benefits

- High mechanical strength and pressure resistance in a wide range of conditions
- Suitable degradation with fluids in the wellbore
- Degradable without a degradation trigger such as salt or acid
- Drill-out and flowback process unnecessary
- Range in size from 0.5 to 4.5 in. available

Kureha Degradable Plug (KDP)

Key Features and Benefits

- Well defined degradation rate for body, slips and element
- Kuredux® PGA ball included standard
- Compatible with industry standard setting equipment
- Suitable for BHTs up to 300⁰F
- Differential pressure holding up to 10,000 psi (69 MPa)

Run History

- Approximately 1,000 KDPs were successfully used.
- Used in major shale play including Permian, Eagle Ford and Haynesville.
- No pre-set history.


Kureha Degradable Rubber (KDR)

Key Features

- Higher mechanical strength than conventional nitrile rubbers.
- Degrades in water without injecting acid/alkali solution.
- Different grades / mechanical properties (strength and hardness) / shapes are available in accordance with temperature range of wellbore and application.

Grade Temperature range
KDR01H High : 250 degF or higher
KDR01M Mid : 200-300 degF


- Degradable sealing elements
- Temporary protector/barrier for downhole tools

Kureha can provide comprehensive technical services according to customer's demand.

For further information or inquiries regarding oil and gas applications in the Americas, please contact Kureha Energy Solutions LLC from the link below.

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