Basic Properties

Kuredux® is a biodegradable polyester which has the simplest molecular structure. Because it has no side chain and high polarity, it is one of the polymers with high density and high melting point.

Molecular Structure of Kuredux®

General Characteristics of Kuredux®
Properties Test method Unit Measured value
Specific gravity ISO 1183-1 g/cm3 1.50~1.60
(pcf) (93.6~99.9)
Melting point ISO 11357
Heating rate: 20°C /min
°C 220
(°F) (428)
Glass transition temperature °C 40
(°F) (104)
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion ISO 11359 1/K 5.4×10-5
Thermal conductivity ISO 8302 W/m·K 0.35
(BTU/ft*hr*F) (0.2)