Kuredux® is a biodegradable resin which degrades into CO2 and water in compost by microbes within one month. The safety of the resultant compost has been proven. Kuredux® has been certified as a biodegradable plastic in Japan, Europe and the US.


Degradability of Kuredux®

Kuredux® tends to degrade quickly in the presence of water. Kuredux® can degrade in a wide temperature range and its degradation speed is likely to increase under higher temperature and/or alkaline environments.

Degradability of Kuredux® PGA ball in water

210˚F (99˚C)

Degradability of Kuredux® PGA Ball

Degradation rate of Kuredux® Ball in DI water is estimated following equation.

V ≅ 0.94*exp (23.65 – 9443/T)
V : Degradation rate (inches/days), T : Temperature (Kelvin)

Degradability of Kuredux® Powder

<Degradability test method>
A sample was added to DI water so as to have a solid content concentration of 2 wt%. After the sample was left for a predetermined period in an oven set to an arbitrary temperature, the sample was filtered, dried, and then the solid content weight was measured.